From 2005 to 2011

4 Grammys

6 Studio Albums

9 Televised Features

11 #1 singles

30 Millions Albums sold

135 Other Awards Won

Robyn Fenty marked her spot in the industry as Island Pop Princess and is not considered the Iconic Badass Fashionista…..I loved Rihanna THEN and I love her even more NOW… the red hair and the “ella ella and oh na na’s” have NOTHING to do with my love for her.. Its her clever kick ass ways and epic sucess that makes me proud. She’s changed so much and she’s fucking GREAT in EVERY WAY…she’s so persistent and doesn’t stop for ANYTHING…She’s a hit maker and will continue to break records..TTT- the world isnt ready lol… prepare to “hate”…or blindly admire as I like to say….